Mission & Values


Bay Area eTc is an educational, family-oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering self-esteem, individuality, and teamwork while creating quality theatrical productions.

eTc’s method provides comprehensive theater training in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment while exposing participants and audiences to theater arts. We welcome diversity and contribute to the community by reinforcing the values of responsibility, commitment, integrity and respect.

Founded in 1996, we are on a mission to work with children and adults to develop talents and provide learning experiences in theater production, with the ultimate goal of educating, inspiring, and creating community through the creation of high quality and affordable theatrical productions.


  • We believe in the power of theatre arts to entertain, enlighten, inspire, and empower our audiences, performers and volunteers
  • We strive for professionalism and outstanding artistry in all our endeavors
  • We believe the arts are central to learning and that they pave the way to excellence in all facets of life
  • We strive to foster creativity and independent thinking; we endeavor to help each participant to find his/her creative voice
  • We treat everyone with equal respect, courtesy and care. We require our participants to be courteous and respectful
  • We strive to represent the cultural diversity of our extended community in who we are and what we do by making our programs available to all
  • We strive to support and nurture our staff and volunteers throughout all aspects of our organization
  • We strive to bring the magic of theater to as many people as possible in order to continually expand and unite our community