Board of Directors

  • Scott Urman, President
  • Dina LaBove, Treasurer
  • Patty Grewell, Secretary
  • Jeanne Hoffman, Director
  • Catherine Houston, Director
  • Jennifer Jacoby-Yeh, Director
  • Keith Koch, Director
  • Kim McIntire, Director
  • Robert Mullen*, Director


  • Danielle Brewer, Advisor
  • Theresa Budig*, Advisor
  • Melissa McDonell, Advisor
  • Michelle Oberes-Padre, Advisor
  • Donna Ornitz, Advisor
  • Mary Anne Payne, Advisor
  • Kevin Railsback, Advisor


  • Lori Adams*, Director Emeritus
  • Jean Amabile*, Director Emeritus
  • Frank Huybrechts*, Director Emeritus
  • Lorna Smith*, Director Emeritus
  • Debbie Meade, Director Emeritus
  • Kate Bartolomei*, Lifetime Member

* eTc Founders


Job Opportunities

We are always interested in meeting with directors, choreographers, vocal and musical directors, as well as stage managers.  If you have a talent in any of these or other theater related areas and are excited with the prospect of working with a talented group of people (ages range from 6 years to adults), then we are interested in meeting you!  We staff for fall, spring and summer programs.  If you would like to learn more about our company, please email us by clicking here and a representative will promptly respond to you.

Volunteer Opportunities
We are always looking for volunteers to help support our program.  Opportunities include: Band members for our main stage (Fall & Spring) productions, CIT’s (Counselor In Training) for our summer programs, Photographers to take headshots and General Help prior to (set construction, costumes, publicity…)and during the performances (house duties, chaperones, stage crew…). If you are interested in being part of a fun group and would like to learn more about our company, please email us by clicking here and a representative will promptly respond to you.

Board Advisors Wanted
The e.T.c. Board of Directors wants to find 2 advisors who have interest in helping shape e.T.c.’s future direction.  These advisors are only required to have enthusiasm for e.T.c.’s educational theater vision, and an interest in the HUGE BENEFITS we offer (to the community).  These may be parents of currently enrolled kids, seniors wanting to connect with a youthful vital community group, public or business leaders– what about you?  Click here for more information.

e.T.c. Wish List
Know of anyone willing to donate to e.T.c. to the benefit of us all? The following items would be most appreciated! Remember these are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Thank you!
Office Use:  Copier – Laptop Computer – Desktop Computer – Computer Paper – Digital Camera
Warehouse Use: Lumber – Paint – Paint Brushes – Tools (cordless drills, electric saws)
Theater Use: Body Microphones – Walkie Talkies – Small Flashlights – Batteries (AA, 9V)
Rehearsal Store/Concession/Cast Party Use: Cases of Water – Concession Items – Snack Items – Sodas

e.T.c.’s  Mission

Bay Area Educational Theater Company (e.T.c.) is an educational, family-oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering self-esteem, individuality, and teamwork while creating quality theatrical productions. e.T.c.s method provides comprehensive theater training in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment while exposing participants and audiences to theater arts.  e.T.c. welcomes diversity and contributes to the community by reinforcing the values of responsibility, commitment, integrity and respect.