4th Wall

A once-a-month gathering of peninsula teenagers interested in learning more about theater and performance


  • Foster the love of theater that many students already have
  • Enable them to see a variety of performances around the Bay Area, followed by discussions
  • Encourage students to become critical spectators who both view performance as entertainment and break down various elements of a performance to analyze how they operate in the larger production
  • Guide students to apply what they learn from watching performances to their own performance technique
  • Help students develop and hone skills necessary to perform with safety and virtuosity
  • Create a community of peninsula theater-lovers


  • Open to students 12-18 years old residing on the Peninsula
  • Annual dues will cover performance tickets and transportation, workshop fees, professional guest instructors, and materials

Lindsey had directed almost a dozen musicals for the Bay Area Educational Theater Company. She has a PhD in Theater and Performance Studies from Stanford University, where she teaches courses on theater and writing. Lindsey will organize and attend every session, lead the audition workshop, and guide post-show discussions.