The 4th Wall

Hello eTcers!
We are excited to announce the launch of our teen club, The Fourth Wall! (eTc 4th Wall brochure 2016-17)
Registration will be limited to 20 participants, restricted by age groups.
A wait list will be created when groups reach capacity.
Participants will be notified via email when registration is accepted or wait-listed.
Registration opens at 8:00 PM pacific daylight time on Monday August 15, 2016.  Early registration submissions will not be accepted.
Registration period closes August 31, 2016.
Registration requirements:
Participants must be 12-18 years of age
1.  Complete the Registration Google Form Online – this will be timestamped – do not submit prior to registration opening!
2.  Complete The 4th Wall Registration packet:  click here for Registration 4th Wall fillable
     print and complete the pdf, and mail with your payment
     - or -  complete fillable pdf and forward by email to, then mail your payment or include credit card processing information.
3. Submit Payment with registration packet.   Mail a check or provide credit card information for processing.
Payment must be received within 5 business days of your registration submission.  Late payments may result in loss of position on list or wait list.




A once-a-month gathering of peninsula teenagers interested in learning more about theater and performance

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The objectives for this club include:

1. fostering the love of theater that many students already have

2. enabling students to see a variety of performances around the Bay Area, followed by discussions

3. encouraging students to become critical spectators who view performance as entertainment while also breaking down elements of a performance to analyze how they operate in the larger production

4. guiding students to apply what they learn from watching performances to their own performance technique

5. helping students develop and hone skills necessary to perform with safety and virtuosity

6. creating and maintaining a community of peninsula theater-lovers




  • Any student age 12-18 who lives on the peninsula may join. Yearly dues are $350 and cover the cost of attending three performances and five workshops.



The program was conceived and will be run by Lindsey Mantoan. Lindsey has directed almost a dozen musicals for the Bay Area Educational Theater Company. She has a PhD in Theater and Performance Studies from Stanford University, where she teaches courses on theater and writing. Lindsey will organize and attend every session, lead the audition workshop, and guide post-show discussions.





We welcome parent/guardian chaperones for our meetings. To get involved, please email:


2016-17 SCHEDULE

download the brochure: eTc 4th Wall brochure 2016-17


September             Workshop: Voice

During this first workshop, Bay Area actor and Stanford instructor Tom Freeland will work with students on breath, voice production, expansion of vocal range and stamina, and clarity of articulation. The workshop will also address vocal acting, voice characterization, and accents.  9-12pm, 9/10/16.


October                   Stanford: Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening is an electrifying contemporary musical with a pop/rock score and a rebellious spirit. Winner of 8 Tony Awards, the musical follows the interweaving lives of a group of adolescents as they navigate issues of sexuality, morality, and adulthood. Spring Awakening is a touching expose of lost innocence and coming of age. 8pm, 10/27/16

*Note: Thursday evening event.*


December              Berkeley Rep:  The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

The theatrical alchemists Kneehigh present this tender new coming-of-age tale that uncovers the secrets behind World War II’s D-Day landings. In the idyllic seaside village of Slapton, the lives of Lily, her family, and her fiercely independent cat Adolphus Tips are barely touched by war…until American soldiers occupy their house and land. With swingin’ live music, enchanting puppetry, and signature stage sorcery, Emma Rice conjures a story of love, war, and prejudice that crosses borders both geographical and generational. 8pm, 12/10/16.


January                  Workshop: Auditioning

Led by Lindsey Mantoan, this workshop will focus on auditioning, from monologue preparation to professionalism. Students will prepare a monologue in advance, we will film their audition, and we’ll watch the video together, breaking down what works and what needs improvement. 9-12pm, 1/14/17.


February                Workshop: Fosse

Bob Fosse was one of the most innovative choreographers ever to work on Broadway. His aesthetic and movement choices still inform much of musical theater’s choreography today. This workshop focuses on Fosse’s work from a historical and theoretical perspective, before getting students on their feet to try on his movements. Led by eTc veteran Sammi Hildebrand. 9-12pm, 2/11/17.


March                      Workshop: Fight Choreography

This workshop gives students an introduction to the art of creating the illusion of violence on stage.

Stressing safety and collaboration, students will explore techniques for creating realistic and comedic theatrical fights including: slaps, punches, kicks, hair pulls and falls. The workshop will be led by Dave Maier, who has worked at ACT, Berkeley Rep, and San Jose Rep. 9-12pm, 3/11/17.


April                         Workshop: Meyerhold Technique

Vsevolod Meyerhold’s “biomechanics” is an actor-training technique that focuses on the performer’s body. Biomechanics studys individual actions on stage, emphasizing simplicity and expressivity. In contrast to most American acting training (for instance, the “Method”), biomechanics is not interested in a character’s feelings, their intentions, or the “real” experience of a scene. Instead, biomechanics abstracts and stylizes physical movement to create larger-than-life physical theatre. Led by Stanford PhD candidate Kellen Hoxworth. 9-12pm, 4/15/17.


May                           ACT: Battlefield

Thirty years after Peter Brook’s groundbreaking adaptation of the Indian epic The Mahabharata, the director has created an intimate new interpretation and staging of this timeless tale in perhaps his finest work. A newly crowned king surveys a post-war battlefield—his army has won him the crown, but at what price? Written almost 2,500 years ago, The Mahabharata’s magical story of finding tranquillity in the midst of war and destruction has striking connections to modern times.  8pm, 5/19/17.